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2024 3+4 Vocational Education Program for Overseas Students
Application Timeline and Procedures

*** Application Period: expected to begin in January 15, 2024 and end on March 15, 2024***

Documents preparation Application Acceptance announcement Report to school

1. Documents preparation (1) Applicants hand in the information checklist (please download and attach Appendix 1 from link provided in the Program Brochure)
(2) Application form (please download and attach Appendix 2 from link provided in the Program Brochure): please provide one picture, and the recommendation unit should also keep a copy for future reference.
(3) Identification documents: residence documents from your residing countries (ex. ID copy or passport copy of residing country) or copy of ROC passport with overseas compatriot identity endorsement documents. All document copies must be stamped and verified by recommendation units to be true to the original, and the original official documents must still be handed in to the accepting schools for review upon enrollment.
(4) Academic certificates
(5) Affidavit (please download and attach Appendix 3 from link provided in the Program Brochure): only applicants who conform to the continuous overseas residency period stated in the Program Brochure, as of August 31, 2024, shall hand in this affidavit.

Note 1: Please hand in only copies of the above documents. Documents in foreign languages (English excluded) must be translated into Chinese. Original documents are not required in the application process, however, the copies must be verified by the TECO or recommendation units; please note that all submitted copies will not be returned. The original documents must still be handed in to the accepting schools for review upon enrollment.
Note 2: All documents above must all be stamped and verified by recommendation units and mailed altogether with the application form. If any document is found missing, incomplete, unclear or unverified by recommendation units, the application shall be handled according to regulations; applicants will not be notified or asked to provide supplementary documents.
Note 3: All items must be filled out completely, clearly and accurately in all forms above, for example, the name, birth place and date must all be consistent with that on resident certificate or academic certificate. The English address must be filled out in print. Applications with incomplete or unclear forms will not be accepted.
Note 4: Postage and telecommunication fees made to recommendation units shall not exceed a maximum of USD20 (payments shall be made in local currencies) per application; the recommendation unit has the right to lower or exempt the fee, however, any additional charges must be approved by the OCAC. The above mentioned fees shall be used only for telecommunication purposes, and may not be used for any other purposes. If there should be any fees left after all telecommunication demands are paid for, the TECO shall submit them directly to the national treasury.
Note 5: Under circumstances when application forms are not enough, copies may be made from the original form or applicants may request forms directly from the TECO or recommendation units in residing countries.
Note 6: When overseas students holding Thai passports, request visa applications from the TECO in Thailand upon acceptance to the Program and when entering Taiwan airports or seaports, must provide proof of Thailand citizenship.
2.Application Application period:  starting in January 15, 2024 and ending on March 15, 2024.
Applications must be made within the application period, with all required forms filled out and documents included. Applications shall be submitted to the TECO or recommendation units designated by the OCAC.
3.Acceptance announcement The list of accepted applicants is expected be announced on this website by the end of May.
4.Report to school All accepted students shall apply for admission visa at the TECO with their admission letters issued by the school, and report to schools between July 1st to 10th, 2024. The actual reporting date to school shall be in accordance with the school calendar announced by the Ministry of Education, and all entry into Taiwan shall conform to relevant measures