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Industry-Academia Collaboration Overseas Youth Vocational Training Program Bachelor Degree (OYVTP Bachelor Degree)

Give yourself a chance to change and make your dreams come true

The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) established the Overseas Youth Vocational Training Program (OYVTP) in 1963, aiming to provide 2 years of professional and technical training in Taiwan's high-quality technical and vocational education environment, so that overseas compatriot youth who are interested in employment or starting a business can acquire skills, turning their life around and achieving their dreams.
It has been more than half a century since the OYVTP was founded. Over decades, it has cultivated more than 20,000 professional talents in various fields. Distinguished alumni shine brightly around the world, and the program has also been highly affirmed by its overseas compatriot graduates.

OYVTP transforms
After laying a solid foundation in the past, the OCAC transformed the OYVTP into a "two-year associate degree" program in 2022, and added the “four-year industry-academia collaboration OYVTP Bachelor Degree” in 2023 to give overseas compatriot students more choices according to personal career plans. Not only can graduates obtain a bachelor's degree, they can also apply to work in Taiwan through the “Points System (Scoring Criteria) for Foreign and Overseas Chinese Students to Work in Taiwan” or the mid-level technical manpower channel, gaining rich international career experience and personal growth opportunities. Overseas compatriot students who study on the four-year OYVTP in the future can not only choose to return to their place of residence to work and continue to apply for graduate school in Taiwan, they can also apply to stay and work in Taiwan.

This program is targeted at overseas compatriot youth who have graduated from high school or have equivalent academic qualifications. The subjects offered are manufacturing, construction industry, agriculture, e-commerce and service industry, etc. Paying equal attention to practice and knowledge, the program arranges training during the study period to ensure that overseas compatriot students acquire professional skills in various industries during their studies.

Advantages and Characteristics of the OYVTP
(1) Provide high scholarships to reward outstanding freshmen
In order to help overseas students realize their study dreams, starting from the 2023 academic year, a high-amount freshman admission scholarship and top overseas compatriot student scholarship based on merit were awarded for the first time; each student is awarded NT$100,000 per academic year, for a total of NT$200,000 for two academic years. In addition, in order to reward overseas compatriot students with excellent academic performance, the OCAC have expanded the provision of outstanding academic performance scholarships, with each student receiving NT$6,000 per academic year. To reward outstanding overseas compatriot students for study excellence, the Minister's Award for Outstanding Graduating Overseas Compatriot Students will be awarded to the best students, worth NT$50,000 for each student.
In addition to encouraging host schools to reduce tuition and miscellaneous fees and provide scholarships, the OCAC also provides each student with an admission tuition fee scholarship of NT$40,000 for the first academic year to help students study in Taiwan without worry.

(2) Provide comprehensive counselling care to create a high-quality learning environment
The OCAC continues to strengthen the care of overseas compatriot students in school and provides the most meticulous and complete care including airport pick-up for new students, work-study and study subsidies (NT$2,500 per student per month), overseas compatriot health insurance subsidies, and emergency relief and assistance etc., hoping that overseas compatriot students will adapt to life in Taiwan as soon as possible and grow soundly.

(3) Matching training and employment opportunities to cultivate international professional talents
In addition to guiding overseas compatriot students to apply for jobs in Taiwan according to the Points System (Scoring Criteria) and the mid-level technical talent channel after graduation, the OCAC also assists employment matchmaking between companies and graduate overseas compatriot students through job fairs. If the graduated overseas compatriot students are willing to start a business, a business loan can be obtained through the Overseas Credit Guarantee Fund (Taiwan).

(4) Promote high-tech talent training bases and industry-university cooperation between Taiwan and New Southbound countries In line with the New Southbound country industrial development and strategy of Taiwan, and to cultivate outstanding technical and professional talents in high-tech industries in Taiwan and the New Southbound countries, the OCAC established the "High-Tech Talent Training Base" through the domestic industry, government and academia cross-domain cooperation model, combining with domestic science and technology universities, to promote industry-university cooperation and complementation and sharing of human resources between Taiwan and New Southbound countries.