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Come study at the “3+4 Vocational Education Program ”

Join the “3+4 Vocational Education Program”, grant yourself a chance for change and sail toward your dreams.

來讀「產學攜手合作僑生專班」裝飾圖片In accordance with the government’s New Southbound Policy, the OCAC has expanded the “3+4 Vocational Education Program”. It has promoted Taiwan’s superb vocational education environment and provided a comprehensive and consecutive education comprising of“3 years in vocational high school + 4 years in technology university”, with the goal set for overseas students in new southbound countries to acquire professional skills, earn an official college degree, and increase employment opportunities.

The number of students in the “3+4 Vocational Education Program” has increased by 7.5 folds from 281 students in 2014 to 2115 students in 2019. Even with the impact of the global Covid pandemic, there were still 1726 students in 2020, 1866 students in 2021, and 2484 students in 2022 that came to study in Taiwan; and in 2023, the number reached a record high of 4069 students enrolled in the Program. The success of the Program has gained great recognition from the overseas community.

The “3+4 Vocational Education Program” will be open to applications for the 2024 school year starting January 15th 2024, with the deadline set on March 15th, 2024. There will be a total of 69 departments from 29 schools open to applications in the widely established variety of departments including electronic engineering, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, auto mechanics, caring services, baking and pastries food science, food science, farm management, data processing, restaurant management, and fashion styling departments. These departments are closely related to the Taiwanese industries’ demands, such as that in the manufacturing, construction, institutional caregiving (long term care) and agricultural sectors. Accepted applications are expected to be announced by the end of May 2024, and students are expected to report to school in July 2024.

Overseas students are encouraged, upon graduation, to stay with high paying careers in Taiwan and demonstrate their strengths to the world.